Horse Racing in Berlin

Horse racing is a popular pastime in Berlin, and is considered a great way for the whole family to spend some fun time outdoors. With the summer racing season in full swing, now is the best opportunity to experience the thrill of the bets or simply go for a relaxing picnic with friends at one […]

Shopping in Berlin

Berlin is a paradise for shopaholics. It has it all: from exclusive malls to flea and antique markets and unique vintage shops. Capital of Germany has a reputation for being youthful, stylish and creative. Everyone will find something in Berlin, so make sure to leave enough room in your luggage, because your bags will be […]

Basketball in Berlin

Are you already preparing yourself mentally to play bingo when you go to Europe because you think basketball is only played in the US? While basketball may be incredibly popular in the United States, those that can’t wait to shoot hoops in Berlin are in luck. Others can learn more about Foxy bingo here and enjoy their […]

Festivals in Berlin

Berlin is a host of several very frequented festivals throughout the year. Many people come on those days to experience a spectacle that is offered only at that moment. Even though, consistently, tourists flock to the places where there is an option to gamble, such as world-famous casinos, in Berlin the majority of people actually […]

Football in Berlin

When thinking about football in Berlin, the first thing that punters think about is surely the FanDuel offer; however, the general population will most likely first think about the football clubs situated in the capital. There are two main professional football clubs in Berlin namely, Hertha BSC and FC Union Berlin. These two teams play […]